UT Press Podcasts A Conversation about Invisible in Austin

“An award-winning sociologist and his students discuss how they fought to expose the complexity of marginalized communities in one of America’s most economically segregated cities.”

September 2015

Texas Observer Challenging Austin Exceptionalism

“Invisible in Austin gives voice to the people who haven’t been swept up in the city’s highly touted success.”

September 2015

The Guardian Books About Austin: Readers’ Pick

“The book seeks to draw attention to the ways that racial, economic, and gender inequality affects the daily lives of ordinary people living on the margins of our city, but whose contributions are central to maintaining Austin’s image as a hip, creative city.”

Pamela Neumann, September 2015

Texas Book Festival 300 Authors Coming to the 2015 TX Book Festival

‘Invisible in Austin’ included in the 2015 Texas Book Festival!

The Daily Texan UT professor, grad students release book about Austin’s ‘Invisible’

“The book examines the increasing socioeconomic inequality in Austin and attempts to shed light on the lives of people living in Austin’s social margins.”

Megan Kallus, September 2015

Austin Monthly Out of the Shadows

“This book sheds much-needed light on a largely ignored population of our weird little city.”

Mariah Giblin, September 2015

Booklist Review of Invisible in Austin

“Behind the glitter of Austin’s rapidly growing technopolis are the people who collect the garbage, wash the dishes, cut the grass, and otherwise contribute to keeping the city running but don’t share in its economic boom.”

Vanessa Bush, September 2015

Publishers Weekly PW Picks: Books of the Week, August 31, 2015

“Sociologist Auyero and his graduate students…deliver exceptional in-depth longitudinal studies of 11 people living in precarious social and economic conditions in their city.”

UT Austin SOC Blog Three authors reflect on Invisible in Austin: Life and Labor in an American City

“I found the stories to be compelling and compassionate portrayals of fellow citizens who are giving us the opportunity to engage our humanity.”

Evelyn Porter, August 2015

Austin American Statesman Beyond the data, making Austin’s invisible known

“…the book gives good cause for reflection about where we live and the people we live alongside.”

Dan Zehr, August 2015
(Full Text in Bloomberg Business)

The Watson Wire Once Upon a Time

“The truest measure of a thriving local economy is that opportunity reaches every corner of the community. This book…makes clear that we still have a lot of work to do to achieve that goal.”

Kirk Watson, Texas State Senator, July 2015

Life & Letters Exposing the Underbelly  of Austin’s Economic Segregation

To foster the political will necessary to enact these sea changes in policy, Austinites must first learn to acknowledge the suffering they usually do not see in their midst — and acknowledge that this individual suffering has structural causes that can be changed.

Javier Auyero, Caitlyn Collins and Katherine Jensen, June 2015

Publishers Weekly Starred Review in  Nonfiction

“Lucid and empathetic, these insightful portraits reveal how life histories are intertwined with political and economic forces beyond any individual’s control”

Publishers Weekly, June 2015

Kirkus Review Invisible in Austin

“A scholarly study conducted with dignity and thoroughness.”

Kirkus, May 2015 The Other Side of  Austin, Texas

“Our collective work seeks to bring these experiences to light so that they can be the subject of public debate.”

Caitlyn Collins, Katherine Jensen, Kristine Kilanski, Javier Auyero,
March 2015

UT Sociology Blog “The Other Side of  Austin” Project

“…these past two years proved that another model is possible, one built on collaboration and sustained by common purpose and commitment.”

Pamela Neumann and Caitlyn Collins, May 2014